30+ Best Nonprofit Websites + 4 Tips For Designing Your Own Online Fundraising Ideas

We love RAIN’s donation wishlist page, which provides a list of goods and services that RAIN’s current clients need. This page helps supporters know what they can do or give to be as effective as possible in the current moment. This organization has designed its website to appeal to both its constituents and its donors. For example, in the static menu, there is a clear “Careers at Goodwill” link that can get people with disabilities and disadvantages started with the employment process. And on the right side of the menu, there is a clear “Make a Donation” button. If you’ve found yourself in a web design rut, you’re in the right place.
According to the State of Modern Philanthropy Report, monthly donors give $31 per month – or $372 per year. Also, data from the Global Trends in Giving Report reveals that 45% of online donors worldwide are enrolled in a monthly giving program. As Online Fundraising Ideas -growing consistent revenue stream, nonprofits would be wise to proactively and enthusiastically promote their monthly giving program. Choose 99Pledges when you want to host a successful and affordable fundraiser that can get a wide variety of age groups involved. With 99Pledges, you’ll not only raise money without spending a ton of money, but you’ll also help your community come together.
If it doesn’t, all pledges are returned, making it much more appealing for funders to pledge in the first place. Kickstarter is one of the most well-known fundraising websites out there. Worthwhile causes turn to this platform to share creative visions with a community that will come together to fund them. No need to deal with extensive grant applications or donors asking you to modify your campaign’s message. Fundable charges a platform fee of $179 per month and a credit card processing fee of 3.5% + $0.30 per transaction.
This way, you’ll invest your efforts into creating hyper-personalized outreach, rather than spending all your time collecting metrics. Due to the sheer volume of trees donated (more than 24 million), they are being planted in a variety of forests, on public and private lands, in areas of great need. Many of these forests will be public forestlands managed by government agencies. Arbor Day Foundation also partners with leading local nonprofits to maximize the environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of #TeamTrees projects. Click here to see the latest list of confirmed #TeamTrees planting projects around the world. Auckland, New Zealand has a goal to reach 30% tree canopy by 2050.
Fundraising solutions help you optimize outreach through personalized communications. If these details aren’t clear, consider taking your donation money elsewhere. You can always go directly to the website of the charity you want to support. Donors can choose to make automatic contributions—for example, $20 every month or $200 every December—without having to re-enter credit card and contact information each time. Nonprofit Tech for Good provides useful, easy-to-understand research reports and guides related to digital marketing and fundraising.