6 Strategies to Maximize Silent Auction Item Sales

Create a list ahead of time of the most desired sponsors, and hone your approach by first asking those lower on your list. Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the responses you get back from sponsors. Your procurement team should begin its process with a strategy, months in advance of your event. Before conducting outreach, make sure you’ve clearly established who the silent auction’s audience is, what the theme is, and what the goal is. For example, if your guests are mostly retirees who love wine, you don’t want an auction that is full of items like tickets to the children’s museum.
Generally speaking, tiers begin with the least expensive item to encourage more bids, and they increase in value as the participant browses. Always arrange your items from least to highest value, so that your donors are encouraged to view them all. It’s important to note that with the advent of modern technology, live auctions can also be hosted online using livestream technology.
Offer to feature them in your event’s advertising or on your website, and plenty of people will be happy to help out. Try to pick individuals who have a network to draw from or have experience from prior auctions. Organizing a fundraising auction can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner.
Silent Auction Pro has been helping charitable organization raise money for their causes for over 20 years. Hosting a silent auction is a simple way to engage virtual event attendees and increase the proceeds from your event at the same time. During a silent auction, organizations take bids on auction items and sell the item to the highest bidder. While adding a silent auction isn’t difficult, there’s an art to making an auction as successful as possible. Today, we’re sharing top tips & silent auction ideas from Network for Good customers who have hosted highly-effective online auctions as part of their fundraising strategy. If you’re still working on procuring silent auction items to feature on your bid sheets, Winspire can also help with that process.
Be sure to purchase your ticket for the door prize of a handmade quilt (pictured above) which will be presented at the end of the day. The first fall IowaWatch fundraiser was in 2015 with a year break in 2020 due to the pandemic. The event began when Lyle Muller served as IowaWatch’s executive director. He now sits on the Investigate Midwest board of directors, along with Cedar Rapids Gazette investigative reporter Erin Jordan. Investigate Midwest is a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that provides Midwestern news outlets with investigative reporting on agribusiness and industrial agricultural corporations.
When someone bids $5 on an item, for example, the next person shouldn’t be able to bid $6 and win the auction. You’ll set bidding increments based on the overall value of the item. If an item is worth $1000, for example, bidding increments might be as high as $100. However, the increments would naturally be lower for items that weren’t worth as much money. Setting bidding increments properly can be a key to the success of the item in question.
Whatever you decide to include, ensure that the items are appealing and generate excitement among potential buyers. With a little creativity, you can create an impressive silent auction to help you reach your fundraising goals. You can offer a weekend stay at a resort, a condo, or a timeshare. You can also include tickets to attractions in the area, like museums or local shows. There will usually be an estimate of what price the lot will fetch.
Drive engagement even further with live leaderboards, activity trackers, and fundraising thermometers. Regardless of your event size, Handbid’s got you covered with all the tools you need to make your silent auction a success. silent auction websites offers excellent bidding features, including push notifications when a user is outbid, watch lists, and maximum bid options. You can also set up fund-a-need donation options and run a live appeal with in-app and offline bidding.
Swappy’s web-based charity auction software lets organizations take their fundraising auctions to the next level with a stellar online execution. Your organization can take advantage of their easy upload process, where you can document your procured items and attach descriptions and images. Plus, your online silent auction page is customizable so it features your nonprofit’s logo and other information. The innovative online silent auction software from OneCause helps you manage your event from start to finish. From the menial to the challenging, OneCause holds your hand for every task, making sure the job gets done right. Gift baskets are one of the best silent auction items because they offer a little something for everyone.