The Best Product for Your Middle School Fundraisers

If your school is connected with a local karate club or offers karate as a sport, this school fundraising idea will definitely draw a crowd. While you could do a cycle-a-thon nearby, a much more unique fundraising idea is to get students to raise funds for an overseas cycle challenge. Here’s some students that went to Cambodia and raised over $40,000. It’s hard to believe that there was a time when many of us had never attended a virtual event. If you need to some fresh virtual fundraising ideas during COVID, check out our picks below. We’ve all attended a silent auction or five in our day, but there’s something about quietly bidding on items that’s always a good time!
Set up an online donation form pre-set to the cost of an engraved brick. Make sure to include a field for donors to write out what they want their brick to say. Have your students write letters to local businesses asking them to sponsor your events or programs. Plus, companies appreciate the opportunity to support a good cause when it aligns with their values. Silent auctions offer a great way for your school to get involved with your local business community. These 9 school auction ideas come at little to no cost to your organization, leaving you with more money to use for your school’s initiatives.
Here’s another super fun way to let students take the lead on school fundraising. With fundraising schools -a-thon, donors pledge a certain amount per time danced. Your school likely already has a perfect location for the event, such as the cafeteria, making this a fairly low-cost option. At Booster, we’ve spent 20 years in the field, building a wealth of expertise about what kind of school fundraisers can bring the most success to your school community. We’ve reached out to the school fundraising experts on our staff and compiled their expertise into this comprehensive guide. With people getting adapted to watching movies online, a virtual movie night serves as the perfect Christmas fundraising idea.
DIY peer-to-peer fundraising (sometimes called evergreen fundraising) is essentially peer-to-peer online donation campaign that has no expiration date. The goal is to allow supporters to create their own theme for a donor event, whether that’s a birthday, wedding, or sporting event. Find a local patch of wilderness in a nearby park or mountain trail. Connect with the park authorities to ensure the safety of your participants, then map out a path to explore.
You can take cash or ask the winery owner to use his payment processing system. Getting the word out about your fundraiser can be key to its success. Learn from our PR pros about engaging the media to share news of your fundraiser in your community. A give-it-up challenge is a unique fundraiser and a great exercise in self-control all rolled into one. With over 50 years of success, Entertainment® is taking fundraising into the future with the Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership Fundraiser.
From there you can choose from different shapes depending on the time of year and the type of group you have. But if you are looking for the best seller then go directly to Yummy Licks. They are 1 oz round confection lollipops that come in pre done assortments that include dozens of different flavors.
Interested in raising money for your high school or school group? We’re here to help with the BEST fundraising ideas for high schools. Not only is it popular with teens, but it’s ready-made for families, school clubs, and sports teams, too. Schools, sports teams, churches, and individuals will love these fundraising ideas for teenagers. Put some zest into your next campaign with these creative options for groups of all sizes.