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Secondly, as a qualified L1 visa applicant, you are already employed under a U.S. company that will sponsor you. l1b vs l1a lies in stark contrast to visa types such as the H-1B, J-1, or TN visa which all require you to find a sponsor employer company beforehand, which may prove to be difficult for many applicants. Fees for the L1 visa generally cost around $4,300 with premium processing, including the filing fee of $325, detection and fraud prevention fee of $500. You may also pay an additional fee of $1,440 in case you require premium processing. Moreover, an additional fee of $2,250 may be applicable based on circumstances. The L1 visa is valid from 3 months to five years depending on areciprocity schedule.
After USCIS receives your Form I-129 and they process it, you will receive a receipt notice confirming they received it, a biometric service notice, notice to appear for an interview and finally a notice of their decision. You can check the status of your case using the USCIS online account. Even though the L-1A allows for holders to work for up to seven years, this limit cannot be exceeded for any reason. For other visas, such as the H-1B or J-1, an extension can be acquired past the usual maximum. There are even some visas like the O-1 and E-2 that allow for unlimited extensions.
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Based on her inquiries with colleagues and friends, she was a bit skeptical, however, it turned out to be a breeze. I have a B1/B2 visa as well as have visas for Iran and Iraq on my passport. I was worried about that since US has not had good ties with these countries.